Imagine yourself seeing your father at the very bottom of the pit, depressed, with no hope of continuing to live his life. You have the ability to change this, to give him his hope back, to cherish his life once again.

This is the problem that I currently face. My father is undergoing many treatments for an illness that he did not choose to have. Diabetes and high blood pressure is hereditary and unfortunately it is something that runs in my father’s family. I see this disease as a “curse” that has befallen them; regardless, how much they try, these chronic disease are inevitable.

As a result, my father has lost all hope of life. In April 2013, my father was hospitalized and unfortunately has been unable to leave hospital walls ever since. In May 2013, my father’s right leg was amputated. In June 2013, he lost two of his fingers from his right hand and we are currently awaiting a surgery date for the amputation of his left leg as well.  My father says, “I feel as if I am leaving earth piece by piece” and it hurts to see him in such a position.

My father is a man who loves to travel. Any person who knew him can attest to this fact. However, when he lost his right leg he lost all hope of ever driving again, or of traveling and being on the road once more. I believe that if there were a possibility of getting him back on his feet and giving him the ability to do what he loves, then he will regain hope and look at life differently.

All I want is to have my father back, the man who raised me, the man who would laugh with me, the man who take me on road-trips; that is the man I want back. If this means that I have to find a way to raise funds so that I can be able to pay for his prosthetic treatment then so be it. All I want to see is my father smile one more time and be able to say or feel that there is a reason to live.

If you would like to learn more about how to help with this cause click here, or click on the “How to Help Tab” on the top. Thanks in advance for your support and donation. Any little thing is much appreciated. 

Updates (11/11/13): My father has undergone surgery and is currently in process of recuperation from the amputation of his left leg. So far I would like to extend my gratitude to those who have donated. I really appreciate it. You have no idea how much your support means to me and to my father. Thank you. 


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